"Child's Play" is a lovely set of a cute boy with his toys sitting on a lovely life replica (collectible type) of radio Flyer wagen.

 He's 3 1/2" tall ,  made of cream vintage long pile fabric and matching ultraseude, he has black onyx eyes with eyelids
, he's 5 way jointed with cotter pin/disc in head joint and string joints for the limbs.  ,armatures (in his arm) ,has waxed brown embroid nose and stuffed with fiber fill and tiny steal shots .

He comes wearing a hand croched sweater by me accessorized by some buttons ,a matching hat ..
His toys, consists of 3 tiny teddies (made by me) , 2 are polymer sculpted teddies, and one is needle feltes tiny teddy .. also on the wagon some letter wooden cubes, a baseball wooden bat and a collectible wagon.

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