"Princess Fairy" is an elegant beautiful fairy princess who likes to travel from place to place riding her own frog ..
She's made of the very rare original cream vintage long pile fabric  and matching ultraseude, she has black onyx eyes ,waxed black embroidered nose , she has cotter pin/disc head joint , string limbs joints ,armatures, soft sculpted hand/fingers, her wings aew made by me with transparent liquid sculpey & wires and stuffed with fiber fill and tiny steal shots .

Princess outfit consists of lace, flower, and silk leaves, and other accessories ..

Her frog is about 4" wide and 2 1/2" high , made of short pile suede (cashmere),he has wire armature inside his whole body, it took me around 2 days to soft sculpt this creature , he's painted by soft colours..
The princess fairy can be fixed over her frog by a pin or two (can be removed easily) and both some with this lovely wooden stand for a great dispaly, both can be removed from the base (stand).. Really beautiful piece for collectors.


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