One of a Kind 4 1/2" tall
"Lolita" is a lovely pink bunny , she's 4 1/2" tall ,  made of hand dyed pink & original cream vintage long pile fabric and matching ultraseude, she has onyx eyes with ultrasede eyelids, cotter pin/disc head joint , string limbs joints ,armatures , wire inside ears, soft sculpted hands, and stuffed with fiber fill and tiny steal shots .

She comes wearinga crochet sweater with flowers embroidery, accessorized with lace and a button.... She comes sitting on a mahogany rocking chair accessorized with a tiny cushion and a bow ...
"Lolita" loves to read story books to her lovely and favorite toy -a little pink giraffe ( made of light pink cashmere , string jointed limbs & accessorized with a tiny bow)


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