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One Of A Kind Special Order Creations


Little Diane Little Diane and Poodle

Little Diane is 6" mohair bear , was made specially for my best friend Diane (California,USA) , my friend has a lovely poodle called "Angel" ,  she's in real life black colour, I made the poodle white to see the details more in this tiny creation
..."Little Diane & Poodle) are now living happily in USA..

Yen Yen (made in 2005)
Yan Yan  is a lovely little panda , he's just 3 3/8" tall , he was made for a special lady customer in Mexico,... by clicking on his pic. , you can see  more pictures of him .. thanks!

(made in 2005)
Here is a lovely little girl ,made especially for WSPA ,
this bear was donated for a good  cause..

- click on her image to see a group of pictures of her, thanks.

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