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What some of my customers say about my bears?

Mari Beth Roland (USA):
I am beyond THRILLED! the two little bears are beyond incredible! I love love love them to pieces! Your work is out of this world fantastic!I'm SOOOO lucky to have adopted two of your creations, and I KNOW I will have more in the future!

Pat (USA):

The little ones arrived. I am thrilled!!!!!! One is more spectacular than the other..what a beautiful surprise. The detailing is so fine and delicate. You must be so proud of yourself....amazing talent. 


Tracy Biehler (USA) :
I'm so happy to say that the bears and elephant have arrived safe and sound!!!!! 
The pictures of them do not do them justice!  You are such a gifted artist!!!  We are totally honored to own 2 of your creations!!!!!  When my Mom and I opened the package and saw them, we were speechless!  The details that you put on them is incredible. 


Desiree Krech (USA) :
I love my little KG Boy!!I love him so much and he is undoubtedly one of my favorite bears that I own.    I love him to pieces and everyone else at my work loved him too.  All the girls went Ga Ga over him!!  Thank you so much, he's wonderful!!!!!.

Tracy Biehler (USA):
Sunflower Bear has arrived safe and sound!  What a beautiful little bear she is!  She's even more wonderful in bearson! :)  She got here just in time to be my Mom's Easter present!  Istill can't get over all the details on her.  I love her eye lids!  Thank you again for bringing a BIG smile to me and my family!.


Heinz Kramer (Germany): http://www.teddybear-museum.net
What a great surprise. It is like Christmas in May. So many beautiful things.First, the most important thing, the Arabian Sheikh is very beautiful.


Karin Hofstetter (Germany):
It is my lucky day...I just received  your package, ... what can I say...Iam overwhelmed...they are one of the sweetest little bears I have ever seen!! Their little faces seem to want to talk to me...
I could just sit here for the rest of the day and look at all those details, that make "my sweet little bears" so very special!  They are adorable... thank you so much!!!


Marianne Werlen (Switzerland):
I knew your creations would be beautiful, but when I unwrapped the package simply made me speechless! The elephant(Miss Beauty) and the bear (Little Sue) are real masterpieces!!! They have so lovely faces and their dresses are so meticulously detailed - they just took my breath away!!!  I could just sit there and look at them for hours.
I'm so thrilled to have been able to adopt two of your awesome creations.
You are such an incredible talent!!!.


Petra Schaaff (Germany):
Thanks a million for sweet little Rob!!!  He is absolutely fabulous,and he is already one of the all-time favourites in my hug. In his knitted cardigan he will be well dressed for the cooler weather that has now come to Germany. I love his "off-the shoulder look" that you often see on children at play....His tiny toy bear is so cute - it is incredible when you think all these seams were sewn, then turned, filled and jointed. I am very proud to own him and he will have a special place in my collection. I can!t wait to show him to my family and "bear friends". 



Thank You All!
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