About me & my creations!!

My name is Eiman Alawi, I'm from UAE (United Arab Emirates).  I live now in Kuwait , I'm a proud mother of 2 Kids ; my daughter "Lulua (14 years old, 9th grade)" &  my son "Abdul Aziz (13 years old, 8th grade)".

I was born in a talented artistic family , so since I was a little girl , I have this passion for art and craft although my major study was Science and then Medicine (in UK & Ireland) .. and I have various hobbies, like reading different kind of books (anything from art,psycology, self improvement, beauty, fitness,cooking to gardening),I also love house decorating, love to paint and draw all the time which now I'm teaching my kids to develope this artistic interest , I do web & digital graphic design ,computing in general & telecommunication (my old passion & hobby since 1988).

I always loved all sort of Arts, crafts and needle works , I think I got this interest from my mother who used to be a famous dress maker & designer and my  grandmother had a knitting& crochet business....I started knitting at age of 5 ,learned knitting just by watching my grandmother :) I also loved making dresses for my dolls, I think that's why I like dressing my teddy bears :).

I started making mini bears in Aug.1999 and in Summer 2000 ,I offered my bears for adoption through this web site, and I still do , I only sell them through this site and occasionally I use ebay..

My passion to soft toys & teddy bears since my childhood, is finally rewarded by bear making , I just love & adore these tiny creatures I make and wish that you enjoy them too ..  

I usually make sure that every stitch is carefully done by hand and also I give all the love to my bear making ... I spend around 2  days or more making one mini bear and  additional 2-3 days accessorizing it ...I also do the same with the other creatures ... my bear size range from 1 1/2" - 6" tall , and I make both mohair, and upholstery , fully jointed bears & their friends... 

I only make one of a kind creations "OOAK"  & I like my bear to be dressed and have a companion but sometimes he/she does not need many clothing or any companion , all depends on the theme... I assure you, they will really bring the smile and the joy to you ,   they are made especially for someone sweet ,

kind and with great taste to have them and care for them.....

Eiman's Art Dolls Recently , I got interested in trying many other materials & methodsto make

mini teddy bears and mini dolls like needle felting , and polymer clay sculpting (See my Art Dolls web site at http://eiman.com )

Please browse my online catalog to see the available bears & other creations..   Also you can enjoy my bear gallery and if you like any , you can always order similar bear or creatures .

Please read the order & shipping information before attempting to buy a bear or more ....... I tried my best to bring to you the highest quality of bears and the greatest & fastest service you can think of with express shipping worldwide..My main goal is that to make you enjoy my bears and cherise them for ever...


To see where I work , come and have a tour in my studio :) (click on the image to the left)

Thank you for visiting this site and please come back and check the site in regular basis as I'm updating and adding more of my creations all the time.. God Bless!                                              

                             Mini Bear Hugs, Eiman..

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